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    Poznan, Poland (by Rikard Nilsson)

  3. Beer vs. Coffee

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    Wroclaw, Poland (by Maciek Lulko)

  7. Everything means something.

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    Would you take a dip in a swimming pool that once functioned as a subway station?

    Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a center-right candidate for mayor of Paris and former environment minister, has unveiled a series of plans to turn the legendary “ghost stations” of the Paris Metro into underground oases.

    [MORE: Abandoned Paris Metro Stations, Reborn as Nightclubs and Public Pools]

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    See other cities here.

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    Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw, 1957

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  11. Fuck Sochi, fuck Olympics, fuck US and EU who didn’t do a fucking thing for these people. Fuck media and politicians, fuck everyone who doesn’t care about Ukraine now. If you are one of them, just get the fuck out of this blog.

    In the middle of Europe people are dying, they are tortured, beaten and persecuted because they want to live like the rest of this continent - in freedom and wealth. They deserve it, they fight for it and the only support they get, comes from citizens of other European countries - sadly, not from their governments.

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    Bucharest, Romania (by Chodaboy)